Ice Melt Dos and Don’ts

As winter starts to knock at our doors, facility managers are shifting their entryway tasks from cleaning up tracked-in debris and dirt to anticipating tracked-in snow and ice. Ice melt can help keep your facility both attractive and safe during winter, and now is the time to stock up! Order ice melt today to make sure you have enough on hand to weather any storm, and follow these dos and don’ts to use it properly.

Don’t Skip Ice Melt

Forgoing ice melt can be an expensive mistake. It keeps your sidewalks and entryways clear of ice, reducing slip and fall accidents that can be dangerous and costly. Falls are a huge liability issue, and protecting your employees and guests is always a priority.

If you think shoveling after a storm is enough, think again: underneath snow is often a dangerous layer of ice that can cause slippery conditions. Even a light dusting of snow can be a risk so always apply ice melt as part of your slip-and-fall prevention plan.

Do Use the Right Amount

When it comes to ice melt, less is more. Overuse can burn vegetation and be tracked into your facility, causing flooring issues. To find the sweet spot, read the application instructions on your ice melt’s packaging. Using a handheld fertilizer spreader can help if you are working in small areas, and a walk-behind spreader can be useful for larger spaces. Spreaders ensure more even application compared to shovels or scoops. And remember, ice melt dissolves in liquid, so you don’t have to cover every inch of sidewalk — it will spread as it melts.

Don’t Skip the Directions

Always check application directions before using ice melt, especially if you are switching types or brands. Using the product correctly is vital, and some products have extra safety precautions, like covering your hands.

Do Anticipate Storms

To work best, ice melt should be applied before a storm strikes. Monitor the weather in your area and have your ice melt in stock and ready to go. If a surprise storm sneaks up on you, lay down ice melt before ice forms or as soon as possible. You can also put a layer down right after clearing snow from sidewalks or entryways.

Don’t Use the Wrong Kind

We stock a number of different kinds of ice melt in our online catalog, and we’re happy to recommend the best option for your needs and budget! Give us a call today at (773) 929-6800 to talk with one of our experts!