Winter Floor Care Essentials in Chicago: Ice Melt, Neutralizers and Floor Matting

Winter weather is on its way, but we have everything you need to keep your floors looking their best all season long. From ice melt to floor mats, neutralizers and mops, we can help you through the harsh conditions and cleaning challenges coming our way. Check out some of our favorite solutions below!

Ice Melt for Safer Facilities

Ice melt is essential for making your parking lots, walkways and sidewalks safer for customers, guests and employees. Apply it at the first sign of a winter storm, but remember that less is more: putting down too much wastes product without increasing its efficacy. We recommend applying about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per square yard for best results.

Ice Melt in Chicago

SSS Green Heat EarthCare Ice Melter
Specially enhanced with calcium magnesium acetate and other eco-friendly ingredients, Green Heat is less harmful to vegetation, grass and other plant life. It melts to temps of 15 below and is the most environmentally-friendly ice melter formulations on the market today! Safer to use around children and pets. Highly visible green color indicator ensures precise and cost effective spreading. Perfect for concrete, walkways, driveways, wood and metal surfaces. Click here to order online.

Peladow Ice Melt
Unlike rock salt and potassium chloride, Peladow calcium chloride readily attracts moisture from the atmosphere, allowing it to form a liquid brine very quickly and fan out beneath the ice, breaking its bond with the pavement. Other deicers lose their effectiveness quickly when they become diluted with water, but even when diluted to 20% concentration, Peladow keeps working down to -4 degrees F. Click here to order online.

Removing Ice Melt Residue


Ice melt does a great job of making your facility safer, but it can take a toll on your floors. Concept “915” from Stearns effectively eliminates the white crusty residue left behind by many types of ice melt. Just one pack makes five gallons and will leave your floors sparkling clean! It’s also great for carpets. Click here to order online.

The SSS EcoTwist Microfiber Mop is the perfect tool for applying ice melt residue remover. It absorbs ten times its weight in moisture and requires no break-in, making cut-end cotton mops obsolete! Click here to learn more and order online.

Floor Matting that Works Hard for You

The final element of a successful winter floor care program is floor matting. Your floor mats are the first line of defense for your floors against debris, moisture, slush and snow. We are happy to recommend the best Portico floor mats for your needs, and we specialize in custom floor matting systems. We take a hands-on approach and will come by your facility to do an initial site visit, take comprehensive measurements, discuss our various solutions and provide samples and color swatches. From plain mats to logo mats and entrance matting, we have a resource and solution to fit your budget and needs. To learn more, contact us today!