Reducing Plastic with the Right Trash Liners in Chicago

Plastic trash bags are an essential part of our work environments.  Everyone has a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic in use by making better choices on which trash bag to use in any given situation. At Chemcraft, we are strong advocates for reducing the amount of plastic in use. It is not only better for the environment but also can save you money too!

Here are four ways to reduce plastic use in your facility:

Use the right type of trash bag. 

Using the right type of trash bag for the job lowers the cost of use and reduces the amount of plastic consumed.  For trash bags used to collect objects that are not sharp or are without hard edges, its best to use a hi-density trash bag. These bags are extremely durable while at the same time being thinner than low density bags. By using a thinner bag, you get the job done and also reduce the amount of plastic used per bag.

Use the right size of trash bag.

It is not uncommon to see 55 gallon trash bags being used in 33 gallon containers. This not only looks untidy, it means the customer is using 40% more plastic than is needed for this situation. By using the right size bag for each container, you not only reduce the use of plastic but save money too.

Use trash bags made with recycled resin.

Colonial Bag offers an assortment of low density trash bags that have a percentage of recycled content included in the manufacturing process. This recycled plastic resin reduces the amount of virgin resin used per bag thus reducing the use of new plastic. The percentage of recycled plastic varies based on the bags thickness from 1.0 mil to 3.0 mil thickness ranging from 10%-50% recycled content.

Use the right thickness of trash bags.

Trash bags come in at least a dozen standard thicknesses. The thicker the bag, all things being equal the more weight it can hold.  Trash bags made of the highest quality virgin hexene resin will hold more weight, tear less easily and be more flexible than an equivalent thickness of bag using recycled resin. It’s best to understand what the maximum possible weight each bag is likely to hold and choose the thickness that meets your needs, all other things being equal.