Tackle Summer Smells with SSS Spring Green Dumpster Fresh

As summer temperatures rise, so too does the intensity of odors in our surroundings. Your facilities may be experiencing more stubborn smells than usual due to the heat, turning minor nuisances into major challenges. We have the perfect solution to combat these summer odor issues: our SSS Spring Green Dumpster Fresh Granular Odor Counteractant.

This super-absorbent product effectively eliminates stubborn smells from dumpsters, compactors, and garbage trucks, creating a fresher and more inviting environment. It even contains Citronella oil to deter pests – an added bonus in these warm months!

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Why should you consider the SSS Spring Green Dumpster Fresh Granular Odor Counteractant?

  1. Super-Absorbent: Whether it’s in dumpsters, compactors or garbage trucks, this product is your best bet against stubborn odors. It efficiently absorbs and neutralizes even the toughest smells, ensuring your spaces maintain a fresh, clean scent.
  2. Pest Deterrent: Infused with Citronella oil, this granular counteractant acts as a deterrent to various flying pests like flies, bees, ants and gnats. It’s a two-in-one solution for maintaining hygiene and avoiding any unwelcome guests.
  3. Long-lasting Odor Suppression: This isn’t a quick fix that’ll leave you hanging after a few hours. This product suppresses gaseous malodors for extended periods, providing lasting freshness.
  4. USDA Certified Biobased Product: Going green doesn’t have to be a compromise. This product is USDA certified, offering an eco-friendly option that aligns with your company’s sustainability goals.

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