Electrostatic Sprayer and Disinfecting FAQs

Cleaning and disinfecting have been at the top of everyone’s minds since spring, when the coronavirus first reached the United States. Since then, we’ve fielded many questions about the best ways to disinfect, which products we recommend and the best methods for reducing transmission in facilities. Below, we’ve compiled some of our most-frequently-asked questions to provide more insight on how you can keep your facility cleaner, healthier and safer as the pandemic continues to worsen.

Which disinfectants kill COVID-19?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists disinfectants for use against the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. Because the virus is novel, these products have not been tested against this specific virus, but we know they do work against other similar and harder-to-kill viruses. You can find the complete list here, and check back frequently as more products are added.

We highly recommend 3X Renegade Daily Disinfectant from Triple S. This EPA-registered disinfectant is effective against the novel coronavirus and a broad spectrum of other viruses, bacteria and fungi. Best of all, it cleans, disinfects and deodorizes in one simple step, cutting down on your time and labor.

How long does it take for disinfectant to work?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when choosing and using disinfectant. Different solutions have different dwell times, the amount of time the formula must remain wet on a surface before viruses and bacteria are killed. Always check the labeling on your disinfectant products and follow instructions. One of the reasons we love 3X Renegade is because it kills germs and viruses in just three minutes, making it three times as fast as many other solutions.

What’s the best way to apply disinfectant?

While traditional spraying and wiping is fine for some applications, we recommend using an electrostatic sprayer for the most complete and thorough disinfectant application. Remember that disinfectant is only effective when it directly touches surfaces, and missing a spot can mean missing millions of coronavirus-causing droplets.

How do electrostatic sprayers work?

Electrostatic sprayers break down droplets of disinfectant into even smaller micron droplets and charge them as they exit the sprayer. The disinfectant droplets are attracted to surfaces and “wrap” themselves to objects, resulting in the most complete and thorough disinfection possible. No more missed nooks and crannies!

Triple S’s Victory Electrostatic Sprayer, for example, makes disinfecting a typical office easier and faster than ever before. Picture all of the surfaces that need disinfecting in such a space: desks, chairs, light switches, office supplies, drawer handles, phones, tables, counters and more. Instead of spending hours walking around with a spray bottle and rag attempting to wipe down every surface, the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer allows you to thoroughly disinfect the entire space in a matter of minutes.

Is an electrostatic sprayer appropriate for my facility?

We don’t need any more information to tell you the answer is “yes.” Electrostatic sprayers can benefit any facility, including schools, healthcare centers and hospitals, offices, gyms, plants, foodservice spaces and any place that needs thorough disinfection. If you are a facility manager who cares about reducing transmission of coronavirus and other germs, an electrostatic sprayer is for you.

Have more questions about disinfecting your facility and reducing the spread of COVID? We are always available to recommend the best products for your needs and budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today with your questions!