3 Signs It’s Time for New Floor Matting

Floor mats can be powerful tools for your brand. They work incessantly to stop dirt and grime from being tracked into your space, keeping your facility as safe and attractive as possible. Your matting works hard for you, but recognizing when it’s time to replace it is key to maximizing performance.

What are the signs that your floor matting needs replacing, and how do you know what to look for in a new mat?

Pile Crushing


Over time, and depending on how the mat is maintained, the carpet piles can begin to lose their peaks. Pile is what gives the matting its character and style, and it’s also the root of the mat’s functionality (much like the tread on a tire). When dirt and grime become embedded in the fibers, they loosen the intricate weaving of the pile and lessen the mat’s effectiveness. Before long, the mat no longer traps dirt, moisture or debris but instead makes it easier to track those hazards indoors. On top of that, as the piles crush, the mat starts to look “droopy” and can even become a trip hazard.

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What to look for:
Heavy-duty matting that’s appropriate for your traffic level. Our most popular is the 54oz Portico Nop line of highly-customizable matting.

Deep Staining

Stains happen. Most of the time, they’re easily dealt with, and with regular maintenance, can be avoided for years. Sometimes, though, they can get out of hand. For stains that have built up over time, or for something more dramatic like major spills or flooding, stain removal becomes less of a possibility.

What to consider:
An easily replaced carpet tile system in areas like vestibules. Selecting a product like Diplomat tile with TacFast™ backing allows individual tiles to be easily replaced if and when necessary, saving the cost and hassle of a full renovation.


Mat Curling

Few things turn a mat into a hazard quite like curling. When a mat’s backing begins to wear, it can make it difficult for the mat to lay flat on the floor. This means increased risk of tripping accidents — something no one wants.

What to look for:
High-quality edging and mat backing to keep it right where it needs to be at all times.

We are happy to recommend the best Portico floor mats for your needs, and we also specialize in custom floor matting systems here at Chemcraft. We take a hands-on approach and will come by your facility to do an initial site visit, take comprehensive measurements, discuss our various solutions and provide samples and color swatches. From plain mats to logo mats, entrancing matting and safety applications, we have a resource and solution to fit your needs and budget. We can also assist with custom installations! To learn more, contact us today.