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Making Touch-Free Restrooms a Reality

For years, restroom patrons and facility managers have daydreamed about hands-free restrooms. We are excited to announce that with our partnership with Hospeco, that dream is becoming a reality! Our assortment of personal care products now includes stall-mounted, no-touch menstrual product disposal bins, menstrual care product dispensers, touch-free toilet seat cleaner dispensers and a High Capacity No-Touch toilet seat cover dispenser. Together, these products are a giant leap forward in cleanliness, health and safety.

Evogen No-Touch Menstrual Care Vendors

These are the first and only no-touch menstrual care product dispensers, promoting a sanitary environment your guests will appreciate. Vend products effortlessly with the wave of a hand and make your restrooms more sanitary by reducing the spread of germs and illnesses.

Evogen No-Touch Combination Receptacles

These receptacles create an easy, safe and sanitary way to dispose of menstrual care products. No-touch convenience means restrooms stay cleaner and are more pleasant to use and maintain!

Evogen High Capacity No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover System

Hands free dispensing delivers one toilet eat cover at a time, and the enclosed cover ensures a clean and sanitary toilet seat cover. Easy front-load access makes for simple refilling, and the increased capacity of these units cuts down on service time for your maintenance team.

Evogen EVNT5 No-Touch Foam Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser

Making your touch-free restroom complete, this dispenser keeps your patrons and staff safe, eliminates cross-contamination and reduces the spread of germs. Just hold your paper under the nozzle and a pleasantly-scented foam toilet seat cleaner will dispense!

Stop dreaming about touch-free restrooms and make them a reality in your facility. Contact Chemcraft today to learn more!