Warewashing Manual Chemicals


Nyco Pink Velvet Economy Lotionized Dishwash - Gal.

Pink, lotionized high sudsing formulation cleans pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and utensils in manual washing applications. Highly concentrated formulation effectively cleans greases, oils, and dried foods. Synergistic blend of selected surfactants, penetrating agents, and water conditioning detergents generate rich, long-lasting sudsing action for superior cleaning results. Glassware and dishes are thoroughly cleaned and rinse spot free. pH balanced formulation is gentle on hands. Pleasant fresh and clean fragrance. Extra value hand dishwash ideal for dishes, glassware, pots, pans, heavy duty or general cleaning. Works well to get dishes shining and clean w/o scrubbing. Gentle to the hands. Dilution: 384:1.  4/cs

Manufacturer #NL384-G4
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P&G Dawn® Manual Pot & Pan Detergent - 38 oz., Reg. Scent

Fights grease, leaving you squeaky clean pots, pans and dishes. Long-lasting suds can even help reduce sink changeover.  8/cs

Manufacturer #45112
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P&G Joy® Manual Pot & Pan Detergent - 38 oz.

Joy® has long-lasting suds with powerful surfactants to clean a wide variety of soils. Designed to be mild, Joy has a high surfactant level to give a rich layer of suds and high suds mileage. Forms surfactant micelles that stays suspended in wash water to provide micro-reservoirs of reserve cleaning power. Concentrated use 1 to 3 fl. oz. per 10-gallon sink. Available in lemon scent.  8/cs

Manufacturer #45114
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Palmolive® Antibacterial Orange Dish Soap - 14 oz.

Cuts through grease to leave dishes sparkling clean. Orange extracts.  24/cs

Manufacturer #46408
Add to Cart Retail Price:$41.97/CASE