Rider Scrubbers


Advance SC1500™ REV™ Stand-On Scrubber - 20", 208AH

Available in REV™ model which has Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology or traditional disc models. EcoFlex™ onboard detergent dispensing system standard. Quiet mode for daytime cleaning. Debris catch cage and onboard charger standard. 20" scrub path and pad holders included. Extremely maneuverable and compact. Designed to deliver superior cleaning performance. Provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas. Vacuum motor: 0.66 hp, 3-stage; Scrub motor: 0.51 hp. Drive motor: 0.375 hp. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 12.5 Gal.  ea

Manufacturer #56104012
Add to Cart Retail Price:$7,590.00/EACH

Advance SC2000™ X20D Micro Rider Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

SmartFlow™ technology with detergent/water automatically controlled by speed. EcoFlex™ debris catch cage and onboard charger standard. Brush motor: 0.6 hp; Drive motor: 0.6 hp. Vacuum motor: 0.42 hp; Voltage: 24 V; Waterlift: 39". (2) 130 AH batteries.  ea

Manufacturer #56384071
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