SSS® NexGen 18" Chenille Microfiber Duster Refill

Refill for NexGen Microfiber Cleaning Systems, Microfiber Dusting Tools.  12/cs

Manufacturer #19072
Add to Cart Retail Price:$6.86/EACH

SSS® MicroPower Cloth - 16" x 16", Orange

Electromagnetically charged microfibers attract and hold dust, dirt and grime. Microfibers provides superior absorption, making this cloth ideal for cleaning or dusting any surface, wet or dry.  4/12/cs

Manufacturer #37174
Add to Cart Retail Price:$26.25/CASE

SSS® NexGen 18" Blue Microfiber Duster Refill

A large part of a clean and healthy environment starts with cleaning in areas where dust collects.  24/cs

Manufacturer #19076
Add to Cart Retail Price:$11.83/EACH

SSS® NexGen Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for wet or dry applications and leave surfaces dry and streak free. Use on counter tops, metal, plastic, glass or any hard surface.

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SSS® NexGen Microfiber Flex High Duster Kit

Includes 1 flex wand and 1 chenille dusting sleeve.  6/cs

Manufacturer #19073
Add to Cart Retail Price:$22.13/KIT

3M™ Easy Trap Duster - 8" x 6" x 125'

Traps up to 8X more dirt, dust and sand than conventional flat fringed cotton dust mops or a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. Has the power to trap more hair than traditional dust mops and a competitive sweeping dust cloth brand. No special tool required. Use on existing floor tool or high duster. Glides through and traps hair even on wet surfaces. Convenient disposable sheets, no laundering required. Ideal for picking up glitter and other small particles. After one side is used, flip it over and use the other side. Sheets are made with a minimum of 60% recycled content.  ea

Manufacturer #55654
Add to Cart Retail Price:$91.12/CASE

Unger® Stingray Glass Cleaning Pad

Replacement microfiber pad for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System eliminates dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt. Triangle shape for perfect reach into corners. Lint free, easy glide microfiber. 10" x 10" x 1".  5/cs

Manufacturer #SRPD1
Add to Cart Retail Price:$59.90/CASE